Kitchen Deep Cleaning 


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The cleanliness of your restaurant, bar or retail space is extremely important. It must be impeccable, regardless of the hour and how many people are inside. Lack of cleanliness means disappointed customers and a negative impact on your bottom line.

A professional deep kitchen cleaning service will underline your commitment to health and safety and maintain your business’s reputation. Kitchen Cleaning Group offers a sustainable and safe service which will guarantee excellent results every time.



Cleaning and Degreasing of the Exhaust and Foul Air System

Our professional staff are specialised in the cleaning and degreasing of the exhaust system and foul air in the kitchen. Our team are empowered to perform the following operations:

Canopy Cleaning

Smoke and vapour will waft behind the fat filters, which is not noticeable from the outside. If these areas are not professionally cleaned and maintained, the build up of fat can turn into a fire hazard. Rely on Kitchen Cleaning Group to keep your canopies clean and effective.

Fan Cleaning

The fan is at the heart of the restaurant's extraction system and has to be taken care of. Fat accumulates on the fan blades and slows down the flow of air. This reduces the release of smoke and stale air from the kitchen, increasing the risk of binding and fire. Regular fan cleaning is much cheaper than replacement of the fan.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is also extremely important. If it is not properly maintained and cleaned regularly, it can turn into a real threat of fire. This is because the area is filled with fat from the canopy, making it inflammable.

Equipment Cleaning

The nature of deposits left in a food industry environment are often greasy and adhere to the working surfaces of equipment. Removing the residue is one thing but getting a surface hygienically clean is another. The most effective cleaning technique and technology for deep cleaning of kitchen equipment is provided by Kitchen Cleaning Group. Our services increase the life of equipment and also provide a great work environment.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Scotland and Glasgow

Kitchen Ventilation Commercial Cleaning in Scotland and Glasgow 


Our Service

Our services require access to a source of water and electricity. Using professional detergents and equipment, we work fast and clean, guaranteeing a high level of service.

Our business and reputation are based on providing clients with professional and competitive cleaning solutions. We will ensure all elements of our contracted services, including health and safety, security, staffing, training as well as cleaning services, all adhere to strict procedure policies.

A certificate of compliance conforming to TR19 industry standards is issued after every full clean. This counts as proof that work has been carried out for your landlord, council, insurance company and other legal purposes


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Before our ventilation Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

Grimy cooker vents need our commercial Cleaning in Scotland and Glasgow

Commercial Cleaning in Scotland and Glasgow


clean kitchen vents with our Commercial Cleaning in Scotland and Glasgow


Recommended Cleaning Schedule

Legislation requires commercial kitchen cleaning services in the following periods:

Cooking Hours Per Day Frequency of Cleaning
12 - 16 Every 3 Months
6 - 12 Every 6 Months
6 or less Every 12 Months

Legal Requirements

Health and safety regulations demand high standards of cleanliness for all areas of commercial kitchens. The combined risk of legal action (e.g. new laws on corporate criminal responsibility) and damage to reputation, can be greatly reduced by regular kitchen cleaning contracts.

We are accredited members of BESA. We are rigorously inspected and assessed every three years to ensure reputability, quality works and the highest health and safety standards in the industry.


Our Process

Get in Touch

Contact us at Kitchen Cleaning Group and speak to one of our experts, at any time or day. We’ll be able to discuss your job and provide you with an estimate of the work.

Contact us

Site Visit

We will then meet you at your facility to inspect your premises and carry out a risk assessment. We’ll be able to discuss the work that is required and give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

Get Clean

If you’re happy to go ahead, we will arrange for our technicians to begin work at a time and date that suits you. We will make sure there is minimal disruption to your operations.



When the work is complete, we’ll carry out a review to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services. We’ll send you a report which you can use for monitoring and insurance purposes.



If you wish to book a consultation for commercial cleaning in Scotland and the UK, please get in touch with us at Kitchen Cleaning Group or call   07387 733722.

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